Freelance Contractor Agreement

  • Freelance Contractor Agreement

Freelance Contractor Agreement


Stop hiring the wrong people! We've all had the experience - contractors who at best don't produce quality work, and at worst actively take advantage of you. It's your business, and you have to be able to protect yourself from costly mistakes.

You only have to imagine your contractors stealing clients from you, or taking code they wrote and publishing it on a personal blog to be aware of all the ways you can end up at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the situations that happen in the agency world - but we can limit all of these with the right contractor agreements.

This agreement is the result of having experienced first-hand issues of disgruntled ex-contractors making your agency's growth more difficult. It is best to stay ahead of the game and clarify what is expected.

Not only for your benefit, an agreement is a great asset that gives contractors piece of mind about their relationship with you. Many prefer to have one in place, even though it provides you, the agency owner, with more protection than them.

For both parties, you owe it to yourself to have a document like this in place.

This agreement includes:

  • Termination Clauses
  • Services and Prior Knowledge
  • Payment Terms (including taxes and handling of late fees)
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Confidential Information
  • Non-Competition Clause
  • Cost of Materials and Equipment
  • Taxes and Benefits
  • Responsibilities
  • And much more

100% Guaranteed.

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